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Not many people are aware but more than 80% of children till teenage are suffering from misalignment of teeth. Some of you must be shocked but this is the accurate data we found from studies. If you are someone searching for how to fix underbite of your child. Then you should know you’re not the only parent searching for this.

An underbite is a common disorder that is a condition of misalignment caused by different aspects. In this article, we have covered almost everything parents should know if their child is experiencing underbite.  Let’s go over the potential information to know what to do next to fix underbite.

What is an underbite?

We have found from studies that underbite is a dental condition in which an individual lower tooth comes forward and extends the upper teeth. The condition is also known as Class III malocclusion which causes serious misalignment in the jaw of children and adults. Vist orthodontics for underbite correction soon if you experienced its signs.

What exactly are the causes of underbite?

The core causes of underbites are heredity which is an internal cause that cannot be prevented. The other cause of Underbites is teeth crowding, Injury, growth of a tumor, sucking the thumb.

How do you fix an underbite?

If your child is suffering from underbite then you should get it treated as soon as possible as leaving it can make the situation worse. There is a variety of treatments available when it comes to fixing a bite such as some we have mentioned below:

  • You can ask the orthodontist aboutUnderbite braces,  to correct the misalignment of your child’s teeth.
  • Dental appliances or retainers can also fix the uneven teeth positioning.
  • Severe teeth misaligned may require some removal of teeth due to overcrowding.
  • Some orthodontists might suggest reshaping, tooth bonding, or tooth crown if you’re searching for underbite correction without surgery for your child.
  • Underbite surgeryfor underbite is the last alternative to shorten your jaw.

Do Underbites get worse with age?

Yes, an underbite can indeed get worse with age if you left it untreated.

As a teenage age, the underbite ordinarily turns out to be more terrible with age, especially during the development that happens in the early years from 9-14. After this development semen, the development of the jaw becomes steady and stops around mid-adolescent years.

Do braces fix an underbite?

Many parents search for this and it is true. The most common and effective treatment of fixing underbites in children is braces. Underbite braces can help in teeth straightening providing a perfect alignment of your jaw.


We hope you liked this article and now you have a great piece of knowledge about underbite correction in children. If your child is suffering from underbite then it is important to visit an orthodontist in the early stage for offering relief from the pain of misalignment of teeth. But if you are an individual suffering from underbite then you should know the causes, signs, and treatment of underbite are similar to child underbite, for treatment it is important to visit an orthodontist for underbite jaw surgery.

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