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Are you confused because your orthodontist has told you to wear retainers at the time you were about to be free from braces? Many people generally ask this question right after braces, but it is necessary to know that retainers are very important to wear. Want to know why and how? A retainer is an orthodontic device that a patient requires to wear right after braces. These retainers are custom-made devices that are placed on the top of patient teeth. In this article, we have mentioned every aspect of retainers that will make you understand its importance. Read this article so as not to miss out on anything important regarding bonded retainer.

1. Provide You Stable Bite:

After the removal of braces, your mouth and gums require healing time to perform functions of the mouth such as biting and chewing. With the help of vivera retainers or any other retainers, the risk of teeth shifting reduces while biting. Retainers offer slight stabilization in biting for minimal repositioning of the tooth.

2. Reduce Teeth Crowding:

Many people wonder how retailers can reduce teeth crowding but it is essential to know that braces are generally opted for by youngsters and adults. Dentists recommend using retainers at the time when wisdom teeth erupt. The wisdom tooth is the last erupted tooth that requires extraction due to tooth crowding. For avoiding extraction, it is essential to get retainers to provide space in the mouth for new teeth. A retainer doesn’t help in holding the teeth in one position that avoids teeth crowding.

3. Prevent From Reversal Misalignment:

After braces, it is essential to wear retainers as your teeth can move back into their previous positions. Orthodontists provide retainers and attach them to your teeth for avoiding the chances of reversal misalignment. Your orthodontist will decide the duration of retainers depending on the severity of your misalignment of teeth.

4. Provide Alignment of Jawbone and Gums:

After teeth straightening your gums and jawbone takes time in stabilising. Wire Retainers offer perfect alignment of jawbone and gums by stabilizing your bite.

How to clean clear retainers?

If you have removable retainers then you can clean them with lukewarm water mixed with dish soap. For cleaning, retainers dip them into the dish soap lukewarm water for a while and gently scrub them with the help of the toothbrush. For cleaning permanent retainers you can simply implement this procedure directly on retainers.

How much do retainers cost?

The permanent retainer cost somewhere between $250 to $500. Whereas the Removable Plastic retainers cost range from $100 to $250. The cost may vary depending on the type of retainer you are getting for your teeth. You should ask your doctor about the insurance coverage of retainers.


Hopefully, this article was somewhere a help for you in understanding retainers and their importance after braces. This article disclosed various essential facts about retainers that will be a help for you in treatment. If you are one of the people searching for retainer replacement then do make sure of visiting our website or may want to visit an orthodontist nearby.

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