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The physical wounds that are visible to our eyes can be treated with medicines but very few people are concerned about their wounded hearts and brains. ESA or emotional support animals are great for those dealing with mental health conditions. If you are stressed or dealing with anxiety disorders then owning a furry friend is going to be very helpful. However, being a pet parent is going to be full of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is finding a place where you can live peacefully with your four legged companion. Not all landlords allow their tenants to live with a pet. In such cases, you can opt for an ESA letter for housing to make things sorted.

What is an ESA letter used for?

ESA letter protects your right to find an accommodation where you can live with your pet even if the building adheres to a no-pet policy. If the ESA letter for housing is legit, you can get accommodation of your choice under the Fair Housing Act. No one can stop you from living at your choice of place and if someone does, it can be considered as a federal offense according to the Fair Housing Act.

An ESA letter protects your rights and ensures the legitimacy of your pet. The letter is useful in many ways:

  • You can find an accommodation of your choice
  • You can take your pet to public places without feeling lonely or anxious
  • You can peacefully enjoy your time with the pet without worrying about committing a federal offense
  • Even when you are on a vacation, you can live with your pet
  • You can fly with your pet without paying anything extra
  • You can explore the world without being discriminated against

Now that you know, a legit ESA letter can defend your right of finding a place to live, the question arises, how to get an ESA letter for housing?

Who can issue an ESA letter?

ESA pet owners are those who are diagnosed with a mental health condition. So the letter should only be provided by a licensed healthcare provider. For instance, a psychiatrist, a counsellor or a physician. When you consult any of these for your mental health needs you can talk to them about having an ESA or a legit ESA letter for the purpose of travel or housing.

How to get an ESA certificate for housing?

Getting an ESA letter is quite a simple and hassle free process. A mental healthcare professional can assess your condition, which is then followed by recommendations for getting qualified as an ESA pet owner. Qualified individuals can get the ESA letters signed by mental health professionals.

Another time saving option is to apply for a legit ESA letter online. There are many agencies out there that you can trust. These companies will ask for a quick screening. When you fill up the form they will schedule your appointment with one of their licensed ESA doctors. After a consultation with the mental health professional, if you are qualified you can get the legit ESA letter once you make the payment.

Why is it a good idea to get an ESA letter for housing online?

Applying online for an ESA letter is beneficial in multiple ways:

  1. It is time saving, online service is usually faster than going out and getting a letter
  2. It is cost effective, you can compare different services and find an affordable one
  3. It is convenient, you don’t have to step out of your house
  4. You don’t have to schedule an appointment
  5. Qualification screenings are free
  6. There are no breed restrictions
  7. In case of emergency, you can rely on these instantaneous services
  8. With expedited options, one can even receive the letter within 48 hours

Final Thoughts

Civil rights law legally allows you to have pets and live with them. Just make sure you have a legit ESA letter that tells that you are dealing with a mental condition and you do need a pet as your support system. If you have been facing discrimination while finding accommodation with a pet, try the next time with a legit ESA letter. To learn more about the process of getting a legit ESA letter online, visit the link given below.

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