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There are numerous people out there who aren’t able to understand whom to visit if they are suffering from varicose veins or spider veins but you should know in this article we have mentioned the answer of “What Kind of Doctor is a Vein Specialist”. A vein specialist is a doctor that specializes in his services in diagnosing and treating vein disorder that is also known as a phlebotomist. We have mentioned some information regarding varicose veins and vein specialists that will be a help for you in understanding this disorder a little more.

What is vein disease?

The outcome of unusually high blood pressure in the veins is due to damaged veins walls leading to hinder in our circulatory system resulting in blood collecting and flow in a backward direction (retrograde) when the muscles tend to relax, causing vein disease or vein disorder. Varicose and spider veins and some of the commonly known veins diseases.

What are the signs that require a visit to a vein specialist?

If you try self-care at home through some measures for crying varicose vein disease like wearing compression stockings, losing a pound, or staying out of sunlight but still have not seen any visible result or feel like it’s getting worse. Then these are the signs you should consider visiting a doctor:

  • Discomforting legs
  • Discoloration in veins
  • Swelling veins
  • Prolong pain in the body
  • Twisted veins all around the body
  • Skin itching leading redness
  • Bleeding in  varicose veins

What are the major causes of varicose vein development in your legs?

Here are some major causes of varicose veins development in the human’s body such as:

  • One of the major causes, genetic or hereditary from parents to children
  • Another factor is aging
  • Pregnancy can also cause vein disorder
  • Hormonal changes in growing women can also lead
  • Overweight or obesity can also be a major cause
  • Standing or sitting in the same place can lead to vein disorder
  • Prior blood clots on the body

How to Prevent Varicose Veins from Getting Worse?

Here are some ways to control varicose from getting worse:

  • Regular exercise and stretching can help
  • Fighting against obesity through proper diet
  • Avoid sitting and standing at fix place
  • Avoid wearing tight and fitted clothes
  • Walk properly or place feet properly on the ground
  • Wearing support pantyhose can also help

What kind of doctor specializes in veins?

The knowledge of vein disease is not common to many people and that’s why people visit general physicians which are wrong. A patient with vein disease should visit a perfect specialist for the disorder. Here we present some common doctors recommendations for varicose veins that you can approach:

  • Phlebologist:

A doctor specializes in the treatment of various types of veins conditions.

  • Dermatology surgeon or Dermatologist:

Derma means skin and logistics means specialist

A dermatologist is a form of doctor who specializes in the treatment of various kinds of skin diseases and infections.

  • Vascular surgeon:

A form of doctor which deals with treatment or disorder in arteries and veins of a human body

The conclusion

We hope you liked this article and it was somewhere a help for you in knowing about veins specialist in detail. These were some vein specialists that deal with veins disorder. If you are looking for one of these then do make sure to visit our website.

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