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The nance appliance is used by orthodontic experts to prevent upper molars from moving forward or rotating during the orthodontic treatment or after the extraction of primary teeth. Some patients choose to wear the nance appliance while they are awaiting their permanent premolar to erupt into place. The appliances are made up of two bands that are cemented onto the first molars in addition to a wire that helps in spanning the roof of the mouth from one molar to the other.

It is recommended for the patients to daily brush around the bands and avoid the chewy, sticky food that can loosen the appliance. If a part of the appliance becomes loose, then this should be reported to the dentist immediately. If there’s an unpleasant smell or bad taste in your mouth then it should also be appreciated.

How is the pendex appliance used in dentistry?

A Pendex appliance is typically used to widen the jaw and push back the upper teeth in the backward direction. It is used to correct the crowding issues as well as the flaring of the upper teeth. This appliance is often used when functional appliances and headgear appliances like headgear braces cannot deliver the desired optimal results. A pendex appliance consists of a plastic button that touches the roof of the mouth, and resilient wire springs that act in a broad swinging arch to help move back the molars. The pendex appliance is activated once per day for a period of four weeks.

What do you know about the lower lingual holding arch?

The lower lingual holding arch is a dental appliance that is used to preserve the space in the lower arch. It is a fixed appliance that acts as a space maintainer. This ap[plince is used to prevent the lower molars from moving forward. You can also wear it with any kind of braces or bands like black braces bands. This appliance is most commonly used when the baby teeth are damaged or lost prematurely or the child’s baby teeth are somewhat crooked or crowded.

This appliance is mostly used on younger patients who have not yet gotten all their adult teeth.  If you don’t know when do kids start losing teeth then the answer is in about six years.  The lower lingual arch also acts as an anchor for various kinds of elastics which can be used in the treatment of overbite correction with other appliances. The other lingual holding arch might include

  • Supporting or stabilizing molars
  • Regaining the excess or additional space when the baby teeth are shed.


In the end, we can conclude that the above-given information provides us with a useful and informative matter regarding the different appliances and tools used in dentistry. Importance of nance appliance in dentistry, the importance of pendex appliance in dentistry, the importance of lingual holding arch, and much more. For further information regarding dental appliances and tools check out ivanovortho.com

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