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Crochet Design

Crocheting is a favorite craft with a very long history. The fashion world has rediscovered the joys of crocheted accessories, causing crafters to once again pick up on this relaxing and rewarding hobby. Learn the art of crochet, and you may find yourself drawn to the art of crochet design as well.

If you are a beginner to crochet, it’s best to start with the basics. This is the rule of thumb with any craft, and creating crochet design is certainly no different. If you have done cross-stitching, you will find it a little easier to understand certain crochet designs. On the other hand, if you have no stitching experience at all, you might want to consider taking beginners’ crochet class, and then move on to crochet patterns.

Explore the fashion world to learn more about crochet patterns. Watch the runways and magazines to see what the professionals are using in their latest creations. Learn the trends and keep up to date in your crochet design. Fashion shows usually feature upcoming styles a few months before they are launched in stores. By watching for new trends, and studying the fabric when it hits the stores, you will be able to create a new crochet design that’s up to date with the newest, hottest styles. When choosing a crochet design, you need to remember that the fashion industry is driven by seasons. You need to work fast so you’re your finished design can be used and enjoyed while it is still in fashion.

Not everyone has access to fashion shows, but reference materials like videos and books can also be great resources. Specialty shops and craft stores should have these resources available, along with all the materials you’ll need to complete your project. Television shows and magazines can also offer insight into crochet design, from basic patterns to the most advanced styles. Choose a pattern that you love, and make sure that you understand all of the instructions before you begin.

Basic projects should be completed using only one colour. Learning crochet design is best practiced on a simple project, such as a washcloth. When you’ve successfully completed your initial project, you can then move on to bigger and more involved projects. The first step to completing a simple crochet design is learning the basic stitches.

A slipknot is one of the most basic stitches used on crochet design. Making a slipknot does not even require a needle. Simply work the yarn with your fingers. While one end of the yarn is around the fingers, the ball of yarn can be thrown in the air. After making a few loops, you will use both hands to tie a knot.

Changing Colours
Switching from one colour to then next is a challenging task when learning crochet design. You must stop the first colour of yarn, and then carefully slip a different yarn colour onto the needle.

Purl Stitches
Many crochet patterns include the purl stitch, which is a technique very similar to mixing. With yarn already in place around one needle, you will use the other needle to work its way inside until both can be used to work together to create the pattern.

Another basic technique used in crochet design is called mixing. This is done using two separate needles, each with a different colour of yarn. Make these colours face one another, and let one of the needles work over the other. The finished crochet design will become multi-colored.

It takes a lot of patience to master the challenging technique of cross-stitching. After learning the basics of crochet design, you will then be able to move on to make figures, lines and other shapes to make your pattern stand out.

Beginning crochet designers should first draw their pattern on paper to analyze how the design will be done. By using your drawing as a guide, you will be able to easily monitor the progress of your work.

Crochet patterns can be incorporated into almost any project. Begin designing some small household items, and then move on to larger projects like clothing and accessories. As you take on greater challenges, you’ll see your crochet design skills dramatically improve.

There are many crochet designs available, and not every one will be listed in crochet books. The finest designs come from the imagination, beginning with a simple drawing and then coming to life from a ball of yarn and a flash of needlework.

By devoting time to research the trends and learn the basics, you can master the art of crochet design.

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