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Laser gum surgery treats your gum disease, which is now more common in recent years. Your doctor may suggest laser surgery instead of non-laser surgery, for instance, gum flap surgery. Laser gum surgery doesn’t need to be only for treating gum disease; it may be for other dental issues, like gum contouring to get a gummy smile.

Gum recession treatment is used to improve your oral health via light energy. This is the procedure through which gum bacteria is killed and helps the growth of the bone around your teeth by boosting. This dental laser removes the infected tissues from the root and helps to heal faster.

These gum diseases develop when tartar in the gum line produces and affects gum. There are three phases of gum results.

  1. Gingivitis
  2. Periodontitis
  3. Advanced Periodontitis

Gingivitis is the first phase; after that, periodontitis grows, affects the gums, and develops bacteria, and if you do not go for an oral checkup, eventually, your bone will get affected that hold the teeth. This stage is advanced periodontitis. This is the worst phase as you may suffer a lot of pain in your gum and teeth as you may not find it in the first phase because you may not experience pain.

If you find the following symptoms in your gums:

  1. Notice that the gums are too red.
  2. Swollen gums.
  3. Gums are reducing from teeth.
  4. If you find your gums Bleeding.
  5. The tooth is moveable.
  6. Continuous bad breathe
  7. Visible pus around the tooth in the gums.

If you notice the above symptoms, you should consider a Houston Dental Offices In your surrounding and get an oral checkup.

How is Laser gum Surgery beneficial?

Treating your gum diseases or periodontal with laser therapy is a new procedure that is easy, comfortable, and stressless. Therefore laser treatments take less time to operate on gums. It is a better option to treat your gum diseases quickly. Laser treatment is a better option comparing to traditional treatments. It is an easy option if you want to improve your smile or contour your gum.

6 Benefits of laser treatment:

  1. Moreover, laser periodontal treatment is a safe method to treat your gums. However, this treatment is safe for patients with diabetes, hemophilia, HIV, or who are taking any other medication.
  2. Gums are treated with a laser without giving any sutures or cuts in the gums.
  3. Promotes a healthy gum line and has a long-lasting result.
  4. Laser treatment is not painful like traditional methods. Laser treatments do not damage your gums as it proceeds gently into your gum tissue, and people are less afraid to take laser treatment.
  5. It also helps improve your smile, contouring the shape of your gums that helps you smile frankly.
  6. Laser treatment involves fast recovery within 24 hrs, and a patient may feel a little pain or discomfort for a few hrs.


If you have any discomfort in your gums, find Dentist Near Me, visit the clinic and discuss your gum problems. To avoid gum disease, you must go for a routine checkup at your Dental Clinic.

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