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What Does LANAP Surgery Do?

Every one of you should be worried in the first instance if you have been diagnosed with advanced periodontitis, also called gum disease. Gum disease leads to several undesirable signs which may leave you feeling self-confident and worried about the future. Not only for the smile but also the overall health. Surprisingly, it is fast and easy to treat gum diseases with LANAP surgery.

With the  Laser-assisted new attachment procedure, you would also see a dentist or periodontist, who receives the treatment and gets back to life with almost no interruption in regular life. Before committing to this process, one needs to be very careful and understand what periodontal laser surgery is, and how it would work. Read on more to know everything about this.

What is LANAP?

LANAP full form is the laser-assisted new attachment process, which is an advanced periodontal laser treatment with the use of laser technology. The patients seeking LANAP treatment often receive LANAP when their periodontal has worsened to the point that traditional methods fail. At laser dentistry,  our specialized doctors help in LANAP treatment. This process helps in treating thousands of many patients.

Why consider LANAP?

If you have gum disease issues, then the LANAP treatment offered by the LANAP periodontist near me is one of the best and most effective treatments to cure and reverse the periodontal problems. Several benefits of the LANAP include-

  • Enhance the success rate of bone regeneration
  • In-office treatment of full mouth
  • More improved success rate than the traditional gum surgery
  • No cutting and stitches needed
  • Fast recovery of time

How does LANAP work?

The treatment of LANAP is done to extract the infected gums without requiring them to cut the gums and stitch them back together. Many doctors use a PerioLase MVP-7 laser to treat the infected gum tissue. Any calculus residues are washed and released by an ultrasonic scaler. Once all the bad bacteria have been removed, laser periodontal therapy helps in cleaning the area again. Healthy gum tissue helps in the natural beginning of regeneration. Generally, the patients would experience some minimal discomfort and find the healing time remarkably shorter than the traditional flap surgery and other gum disease treatments.

How long does LANAP take?

The process of the LANAP laser periodontal therapy near me takes hardly an hour depending on some area of the gum disease. It also relies on the extent of periodontal diseases, which you may complete in either one or two visits.

What is the recovery time of LANAP?

When the LANAP surgery is done, the patients would go about their day normally with less pain. The recovery time of LANAP in laser dentistry Memorial City is nearly 24 hours, much faster than the 2-4 weeks that is taken by the gum surgery.

Summing up!

The laser periodontal treatment facilitates the best advantages of dealing with gum diseases. However, if the gum disease is curable then effective treatment is vital to secure the teeth and gums from damage. Our LANAP dentist near me, will repair the gums and protect the teeth by utilizing the LANAP to aid in washing the teeth and bacteria from the mouth. Further, to get more information visit our website, or if you want to go for it then do book an appointment with us.

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