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Several people are there who are best enough to have the perfect teeth, but the orthodontic treatment would make a lot of difference to your child. The top-rated orthodontist near me would suggest various types of braces or dental appliances which are used to correct the teeth misalignment.

What are several types of braces?

Let’s discussed below the different types of braces Hollywood FL

● Invisalign

This is the brand name of a kind of thin clear aligner that is utilized in orthodontic treatment. The Invisalign is created from a flexible thermoplastic material named a smart track.

However, the Invisalign aligners are not entirely invisible, these clear coverings fitted tightly over the teeth and are less noticeable than the brackets and wires of the traditional braces.

● Metal braces

These are the stainless steel wires and brackets that bond to the teeth with the rubber bands. Such rubber bands are accessible in a wide range of colors, and some patients might enjoy the personalized braces. These modern braces are smaller and less noticeable than in the past. These are the most common types of braces.

● Lingual braces

They are positioned behind the teeth and are the most technical and least common orthodontic system on the market. This is because they require an alternate arrangement of orthodontic abilities that few of the best orthodontists near me require some investment to sharpen. Lingual supports behind the teeth are not instructed during orthodontic preparation, and it is in this way dependent upon the orthodontist to figure out how to become capable with them.

● Ceramic braces

These braces would work similarly to traditional braces, but these brackets are a ceramic, clear transparent braces material.  The ceramic braces are less visible to others and make them the most famous alternative for adults who require orthodontic treatment. Patients who wear such kinds of braces normally search for the elastics to become discolored, which may sometimes cause discoloration or marks on your teeth.

● Self-ligating braces

It works the same as the metal and ceramic braces that are known in the clear or metal material. This may depend on the braces and a wire to shift the teeth. The comparison between the self-ligating braces as compared to ceramic braces and metal braces is that the self-ligating harnesses the doors or clips to carry the wire in place, in fact, more than the elastic rubber ties.

How to take proper care of braces?

Let’s have a look at some tips to have proper care of braces and these are-

  • Regular brushing and flossing is required
  • Avoid the foods that are not braces-friendly
  • Have a regular visit to the Saturday orthodontist near me
  • Always ensure to have the fluoride toothpaste for your braces

How long do metal braces take?

The average orthodontic treatment falls around between 16-18 months but many times it will take 24 months or more than that. Also, if there are more severe cases then it will take more months to cure the braces treatment.


Hopefully, the article has made you explain everything related to the braces types. So, to have the best dentist that does braces near me go and check out our website of Ivano ortho. Also, you may contact  by making a phone call at (786) 540-1919.

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