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Your braces’ color matters and you presumably want your teeth to look whiter. According to an orthodontics specialist of Florida, your medical care could continue for several months or perhaps years. Therefore, you should be content with the color bands you select for your braces. The color of your braces can offer you the confidence you want, whether you’re trying to choose one that suits your skin tone, attire, or something else.

At each routine appointment, you can get your braces’ color modified. Fortunately, you are not required to choose just one hue, and you can even experiment with various braces color ideas while receiving therapy. When you finally get to select your first color, it can be a challenging choice.

How to decide on the brace’s color?

To make your decision less stressful, here are some suggestions for selecting the best braces colors for you:

Colors that make teeth whiter

Darker hues, including royal/navy blue, purple, and even black, might give the appearance that your teeth are whiter. However, be mindful that hues like dark green and brown can resemble food.

White braces

While this may have been the color you envisioned, you might want to steer clear. White bands can stain over time, making your teeth appear more yellow, and you should keep this in mind.

Colors complimenting the skin tone

It is a brilliant idea to consider your skin tone if you are wearing braces for the first time, and it’s the equivalent for women of donning lipstick that complements their skin tone. For instance, choosing bright colors like flaming reds and gold might be a good idea if your skin has a pale yellow or golden tone.

Choose purple, light blue braces, or blue-undertoned colors like cherry reds if your skin is cool-toned with pink or blue undertones. Because neutral skin types include a variety and mixture of undertones, they can wear various shades.

Colors matching your eye color

While dark brown eyes are the most common eye color among Filipinos, some people also regularly wear colored contacts to correct their vision. Because of this, it’s a bright idea to match the color of your braces to the color of your eyes!

Choose earthy colors like greens and blues if you have brown eyes. The colors pink, blue, and lilac look amazing on individuals with blue color eyes. Green-eyed people will look great while wearing purple, orange, green, and crimson or red bands.

Avoid colors that can stain easily.

If you didn’t take proper care of them, you wouldn’t want bands that might get discolored or colors that might be mistaken for food. It means that you might not be able to wear transparent elastics, especially if you consume dark-colored foods like curry and coffee.

If you still want low-maintenance braces that seem discrete, pick silver or grey. Rinse with water after snacks, brush your teeth after meals, floss, and gargle with mouthwash. Smoking can stain braces and teeth. Thus it’s better to stop or refrain from doing so.


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