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Your child is going to look forward to their birthday months before it arrives. Starting from their last birthday and after every friend’s birthday they attend through the year, they will continuously ask the same question, “Is it my birthday tomorrow?” Let them know how important their birthday is and make sure they are apart of the planning process.

Start by choosing their birthday theme with them. Every child is different, including siblings.

You’ll want to choose a theme that is unique to what your child is currently involved in.

No matter what theme you choose if they had a part in the decision they will be more excited. If you get no response or participation, try and ask them what they are interested in.

Guide them in choosing a theme, without coming out and choosing it for them. Look at the type of TV shows they are watching or books they are reading. If you still can’t uncover the Ultimate Theme, try answering the questions below.
What type of activities do they like?

Do they like clean or dirty activities (glue, glitter, paint or cutting)?
What type of games do they play?
Do they like to play sports?

Do they like to use their imagination and pretend to be pirates or cowboy and Indians?

After you have answered these questions, you should have a good idea on what your child would like and what kind of games and activities will excite your child.

If they are really into sports, try a soccer or basketball theme. What about themed parties like Finding Nemo or Spongebob? If they are into dressing up and using their imagination, try a Pirates or Army theme. Narrow the theme down to a few that fit the answers to these questions and let them decide.

Once they’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to move to the next step and establish a budget.

Just remember to provide your child with the most memorable experience they have ever had. By letting them get involved, you are giving them the best gift your child could ever want. If you follow these 10 essential party tips, you will ensure your child is given the most unique, one-of-a-kind Ultimate Birthday Party!

This is an excellent tip to get you started in the planning process. But I believe there are 10 critical tips to plan the Ultimate Party. These tips are designed to help you pick a theme, what is a reasonable budget, how many children and so on…So if you liked this one, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Ultimate Party Planning Tips.

Good Luck on planning the Ultimate Birthday Party!!!

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