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It’s hard to compete in the marketplace these days when everyone else is offering free shipping or free returns on top of their competitive prices, but it can be done! Offering free ship can be a great way to attract new customers to your store and make them loyal fans of your brand. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the biggest benefits of offering free ship and how you can implement this perk without losing money on every sale!

What Is a Free Shipping Day?

Free shipping day is a marketing campaign where you offer free shipping on all orders over a certain dollar amount or threshold. You can choose how much or what type of product you want to provide free shipping on. For example, maybe your customers will only get free shipping when they buy two items instead of one, or maybe they need to reach a higher order total than usual. It is up to you! Get creative with it.

Why Use A Free Shipping Day In Your Marketing Strategy?

When planning out your annual marketing calendar, it’s easy to get stuck on creating big events that generate a ton of hype. While these events are effective in generating lots of traffic, they aren’t always effective in growing long-term customer relationships. Over time, one-off offers can damage your brand image by making customers feel like you’re just trying to take advantage of them. If that sounds at all familiar—if you often end up discounting or offering one-off deals—it might be time for a change. And, if so, there is something we call Free Shipping Day you may want to consider trying out.

When Should You Offer Free Shipping Day(s)?

While some online retailers offer free shipping year-round, others do so only on special occasions or holidays. By setting a specific date for your own company, you can better organize your shipping department and staffing. If shipping is not a huge expense for your business, set free shipping day(s) as often as possible; otherwise, pick one week per quarter or month. Another option is to run free ship promotions around big shopping events like Cyber Monday or Prime Day.

How Can You Benefit From a Free Shipping Program?

For years, retailers have been offering free shipping as a way to entice consumers into purchasing their goods. Research shows that free shipping actually increases sales for many businesses. With so many different options available, it can be hard to choose which one will work best for your business. Read on for some great ideas on how you can offer free shipping in order to boost your bottom line while providing excellent customer service.

How Can an Ecommerce Business Benefit From This Holiday Season?

If you run an ecommerce business, it can be easy to get caught up in all of your inventory, customer service calls, advertising plans, and countless other details. But remember why customers shop online in the first place. In general, they want to find something they like as quickly as possible at a price that fits their budget—and then have it shipped right away. Plus, most customers are shopping with a time constraint: They want free shipping! Retailers who offer free shipping or free expedited shipping during the holidays not only keep their customers happy but also boost their brand reputation. Let’s take a look at some of benefits ecommerce businesses can receive from offering free shipping during holiday sales seasons.

Take Action Now!

When an online shopper adds an item to their shopping cart, they expect it to be deliver at no cost. If you’re not offering free shipping, your competitors likely are—and your potential customers will likely shop elsewhere. Some businesses may avoid offering free shipping because they think it’s too expensive, but if you use a shipping service like FedEx Business or UPS Access Point, it can actually be much less expensive than providing free or discounted shipping rates. You can also provide a nominal fee for expedited services or guaranteed delivery dates that alleviate some of your business’s financial risk—while still giving consumers what they want most. In fact, research has shown that 68% of customers would choose guaranteed delivery over discounts on average prices!

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