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Zoom whitening is a whitening method commonly used in the nation and worldwide to reduce enamel and dentin discoloration. Smoking and drinking coffee, tea, cola, and red wine can discolor teeth, and your teeth will also turn stained and darker as you age. The 25 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening solution is activated during the Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure. They use the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, which is supposed to speed up the bleaching process. The enamel and dentin bleach by oxygen as the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, preserving the tooth’s structural integrity.

What about the consultation and treatment planning?

Your dentist at Hollywood smile dental clinic will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to ensure good health before deciding whether Zoom in-office teeth whitening is the best option. Your dentist will also discuss your oral hygiene routine and lifestyle choices to ascertain whether you will benefit from whitening. It will assist you in deciding with your dentist on the best whitening method or product for you.

To achieve a better fit between the restoration and your natural dentition or following the removal of braces, your orthodontist Dubai may also insist that you undergo teeth whitening if you have any further cosmetic dental procedures on the line, such as composite dental bonding or veneers.

Bleaching is not your most suitable option, depending on your goals for changing the look of your smile and the condition of your teeth. During your appointment and evaluation, your dental expert will also discover any existing dental work that won’t whiten with traditional methods, including crowns and veneers.

Zoom teeth whitening procedure

Although the entire process takes less than an hour, a routine teeth cleaning is advised before the Zoom teeth whitening in Dubai. A brief preparation covers the lips and gums, exposing the teeth while the treatment begins. Once the Zoom light has penetrated the teeth and broken up the stains and discoloration, the dentist or dental assistant will apply the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. For 15 minutes, when the light is turned on, the gel stays in place.

You can unwind during this time by watching TV or listening to music. Applying the gel takes place throughout three 15-minute light activation sessions, making for a 45-minute therapy. Some people may find it hard to endure the complete process due to an extreme gag reflex or anxiety. To reduce sensitivity, then they apply a fluoride paste-gel to the teeth.

How to maintain teeth whitening effects?

You will receive a Zoom home touch-up package that comprises specially made whitening trays. Use this touch-up kit as your dentist’s advice. Your dentist who does teeth cleaning Dubai may suggest avoiding certain meals and drinks or consuming them in moderation to prevent staining your teeth to help preserve the whitening benefits of your procedure. It includes tea, coffee, red wine, cola, etc.

Even after teeth-whitening procedures, tobacco products will still discolor teeth. Therefore, your dentist will advise that you stop using them. To prevent stains from returning, follow a proper oral hygiene routine and schedule routine cleanings with your dentist and dental hygienist.


The above article discusses zoom teeth whitening treatment and whether it is right for you. For more valuable facts and details, please visit noveltyclinic.com.

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