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You may have overlapped teeth that are too close together, and such conditions require a consultation visit with your orthodontist. If your orthopedist finds them overcrowded, they may recommend removing the extra teeth to make enough room for braces treatment.

Do Orthodontists Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Generally, a north miami beach orthodontist will work with an oral surgeon while removing wisdom or any other teeth that may cause trouble during braces treatment. As dental professionals have sufficient knowledge & skills, they can perform extractions carefully.

What are wisdom teeth?

The third molar in your mouth is known as wisdom teeth. Most patients complain about pain during wisdom teeth eruption.

There are so many questions that people might have; for example, do wisdom teeth obstruct braces treatment? Will your orthodontist remove the wisdom teeth to provide braces treatment?

Wisdom teeth are molar teeth that erupt in late teens or early adulthood and do not interfere with your braces treatment. When you have impacted, you may need wisdom teeth extraction, or you have two wisdom teeth.

Most people want to extract wisdom teeth if they are impacted or causing lots of pain. If you are experiencing any of these, visit your dentist for proper treatment.

Will Wisdom Teeth Shift My Teeth?

Never. The growth of wisdom teeth will never cause movement in your teeth. Some people have misconceptions that wisdom teeth eruption may cause shifting in their teeth’ position, and that’s not true.

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth may cause serious issues as they won’t grow above the gum line, and your tooth may remain below the gum line generating prominent pain and infection.

The infected tooth causes rotten tissues leading to an abscess. As a result, your neighboring teeth may fall. Patients with impacted wisdom teeth may end in bleeding, swelling, and foul breath with severe pain. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them timely.

Can You Get Wisdom Teeth Removed With Braces?

Suppose you notice severe pain in your wisdom teeth. Contact your dentist to get appropriate treatment. After inspection, your miami orthodontist specialist will know the actual condition of your teeth.

When your dentist or orthodontist knows that your molars are about to grow, they may determine if sufficient space is available for the eruption. If not, they may recommend tooth extraction whenever possible to prevent further complications.

Can Orthodontists Remove Wisdom Teeth?

ADA (American Dental Association) says that surgical treatments include the surgical intervention of the soft & hard tissues of the oral region. If you are considering oral surgery, it is necessary to get the treatment from an oral surgeon as they are trained specialists who can provide the best treatment with the best possible care.

How Do You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Once the dental health professionals confirm that you must have a tooth extraction, discuss

Every point regarding wisdom teeth removal. For example, type of anesthesia, procedure time, recovery time, wisdom teeth before & after, etc.

On the day of the extraction procedure, your dentist will administer approximately forty-five minutes of anesthesia. Most specialists may need to cut into your gums to drill out your wisdom teeth. The anesthesia may deliver a tugging motion without causing any pain.

After removing all the pieces, the surgeon will clean them thoroughly and stitch the gums controlling bleeding so that blood clotting may form.

After removal, your wisdom teeth won’t cause any more issues. Visit your dentists for more information like wisdom teeth removal cost miami.

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