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Some couples desire a glamorous wedding right on the water on a Luxury Yacht Rental. Imagine what a beautiful day it would be! Cruising to a gorgeous island to exchange vows will sound like the wedding of couples’ dreams.

A Yacht Rental For Wedding will offer the opportunity to fulfill your desires for the special day of your life. A luxury yacht for a wedding will be the kick start of your married life. You will get everything like elegance, privacy, and complete indulgence. The devoted staff of the luxury yacht will help you to have a unique wedding experience. You can celebrate your amazing day with your closest friends and relatives while drinking champagne. Want to add uniqueness, exclusivity, and privacy to your superb day! Charter a luxury yacht now.

Our Luxury Yacht; A Fit For Wedding Day.

Our luxury yacht Ohana can host up to 38 to 40 guests in eighteen super luxurious cabins comprising 12 VIPs.  it will offer a stunning experience when it will be decorated in white as it is a formal wedding theme. You can imagine the beauty when it will be decked with gorgeous bouquets and rose petals in the Jacuzzi. A red carpet on the floor,  the tables are adorned with beautiful flower decorations and the waiter is pouring champagne in the glasses to serve the guests, the yacht will transform into a picture-perfect wedding.

Ohana also provides 8 crew onboard to cater to your needs while offering a luxurious charter experience.

Just the Couple And Their Dear And Near Ones’ In Caribbean:

You can customize the cost of a wedding charter. You can make it smaller. A wedding package costs can be customized by limiting the bar options. You can limit the celebration to beer and wine only. You can also serve soft drinks and water. Well, alcohol is always great at the party but it can increase the budget. You can organize the theme and bring your own booze, this will help you reduce the cost of the budget.

Food And Catering:

It is another great way to limit the cost without harming your guests’ emotions. You can fix the menu with a buffet on board. Our super-skilled and trained chefs will make sure that no guest will starve with hunger on board. They can prepare delicious food for the guests and serve them elegantly.


The other thing that can increase the cost of the wedding budget is entertainment. Instead of taking your own DJ onboard. You should utilize the boat’s sound system.  It will be a more economical option.  But one important thing to consider is that no boat will allow entertainers who are not insured. Otherwise, boat owners can add them to the boat insurance charges. The reason behind this is that boats involve expensive wiring and installation and they won’t want to get them damaged by an inexperienced person.

We will provide our assistance to determine the most suitable yacht for your day. Just mention the group size, wedding date, and destination. We will do our best to make your wedding day more enjoyable and beautiful.

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