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Suppose your dentist recommends you may need dental bonding in order to repair your broken teeth. In that case, you may have a few questions about what exactly dental banding treatment is.


Dental bonding is a very common treatment that can save cost by repairing your teeth cracks with a tooth-colored resin. So, in this article, you will learn what dental bonding is and how it repairs your teeth.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a very important and in-office procedure that helps repair your teeth’ damage. Your dentist uses a composite resin that is similar to your teeth’ color surface. After it, they use UV light to harden the composite resin. Orthodontist Hallandale fl shapes the resin in tooth structure so that it feels normal in your mouth and when chewing.

Is tooth bonding permanent?

There are a few other options to know how long dental bonding may last. According to reliable sources, tooth bonding typically may last an average of 10 years if proper dental care is maintained. That includes bruising and flossing twice a day, and also you should consider contacting Miami shores dentist for a regular checkup at least two times a year. This will improve the durability of your teeth bonding. But, if you don’t follow oral habits, then the life of your teeth bonding may even be less than ten years.

Is composite bonding bad for your teeth?

Dental bonding is a treatment that can give safety to your teeth. There is no major risk associated with it. You can only consider that composite resin material isn’t as hard as your teeth. Therefore your teeth can chip again if you are eating hard food. Overall, bonding is safe and effective because it provides better repair options for cracked or damaged teeth.

Can you remove dental bonding from teeth?

Yes, your dentist can remove dental boning from your teeth if needed. The treatment can be reversed if the extra composite resin is added to your teeth. In this procedure, your dentist won’t remove the original teeth in order to apply the white teeth resin material. Dentist Miami shores can remove bonding in a single visit in most cases.

Can bonded teeth be whitened?

It may be tough and challenging if you plan to whiten your teeth after dental bonding. The resin material itself won’t respond to whitening material like your natural teeth. So, you should continue the whitening treatment and see results from your natural teeth rather than the areas where the composite resin was applied. It is essential for your teeth before the resin matches the color of your newly whitened teeth.


If you have chipped, knocked, or cracked teeth, you should consider contacting a dental bonding Miami for treatment and diagnosis. They will help you with dental bonding treatment safely to provide a better smile.

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