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Like every automobile enthusiast, you would probably treat your car like a baby, right? Cars are expensive fleets and require proper maintenance though. However, you might swear by the regular conservation of your car with servicing. It’s good if you take the pain to service your car on a routine basis. Predictably, you would also love to keep it clean and shiny all the way. So, the choice of car cleaning tool should be clear in your mind. Microfiber cloth is considered a holy grail in the car cleaning industry. It is a high-quality cloth that delivers scratch-proof detailing of the car’s interior and exterior. It is the best and a must-have cleaning tool for car fanatics to get superior cleansing of the surface in no time.

Do car owners use microfiber cleansers?

Of course! In this modern era, people have discarded the use of sponges, cotton towels, and abrasive cloths for cleaning of cars. They are switching to new technology which gives them an ultra-smooth finish with scratch-free cleaning. So, a microfiber cleaning cloth is one key apparatus that is used by car owners these days. Even professional car cleaning workshops and points use these cloths for ever-shining washing and detailing cars. But the question is what is special about these clothes and why it’s a must-have car cleaning gear? To check the facts, read the below traits and advantages of microfibers.

  • Made for auto detailing

Microfiber has gained immense popularity as car clean cloth. It is made for auto detailing by lifting the dirt and grime effectively from the surface. As per experts, microfiber is a dirt magnet comprised of tiny fibers that generate a static charge when rubbed together. The static charge attracts the dirt from the surface of cars which delivers detailed cleaning. Unlike regular towels, microfiber doesn’t spread dirt and dust on the surface instead of wiping it away. Therefore, it is considered as best cleaning apparatus for cars to get deep cleansing.

  • Soft on delicate surfaces

Being a car lover, you make every effort to keep your car free from scratches while driving. Similarly while washing and cleaning, you won’t predict to see any scrapes on the body of your baby right? But if you use a traditional abrasive towel for cleaning, the possibility is that it would leave a spot behind. The surfaces of cars are delicate as they can easily get smashed when pressure is applied. But when you use a microfiber cloth for car, it won’t make an adverse impact on the surface of the car. It features the characteristic of ultra-softness which makes it the perfect tool for cleaning delicate car surfaces. The fibers used to manufacture microfiber clothing are thinner than human hair. Hence, they are highly soft and delicate to the touch due to the blend of polyester and polyamide. So, this cloth will not only give you better cleaning but also protect the surface from scratching.

  • High absorbency

While washing the car with water, it can make a puddle on the surface of the car. Thus, the water needs to be sucked up to soak the body for drying. However, the use of cotton and paper towels cannot pick the water properly from the surface. As a result, you can see the water marks on the car’s body which looks clumsy. Therefore, it is imperative to use car microfiber cloth which comes with high absorbency. It has the ability to soak seven times the weight of water to pat dry the surface. So, you can get exceptional drying of the car quickly to give it a sparkling shine. In addition to this, a fast-drying car with microfiber will save you time and effort. With an outmoded cloth, you have to make hard efforts for a long to soak the water. Microfiber can make it fast to give you the desired results in less time and effort.

  • Greater sustainability

When it comes to the durable use of car washing and cleaning tools, microfiber cloth again has the number 1 ranking. The reason is that these clothes are reusable because of their feature of being lint-free. Yes, compared to other cleaning cloths, microfibers are more resistant to damage. Hence, you can use these clothes for multiple washes and cleansings of the car. The high sustainability of these towels also makes them ideal to use in other industries than automotive. They are specifically used by healthcare facilities, janitorial services, hospitality, commercial, and household cleaning. So, when it comes to using these clothes for car washing, they can serve you enduringly. Without worrying about replacing the cloth with a new one, you can make use to keep your car properly cleaned.

  • Ample varieties

The manufacturers of microfiber towels and cleaning cloths offer extensive variety in size, color, and quality. Thus, you can make a choice as per your specific needs to meet your purpose resourcefully. These towels are not just meant for performing the specific function of cleaning the body of vehicles. You can also consider the use of a microfiber cleaning cloth for cleaning window glasses, steering, safety handles, gear lever, dashboard, etc. These towels have varying GSM rating which ranges from 250 to 900 and above as well. So, for cars, you can choose a rating above 600 GSM to get soft and high-absorbency towels. Apart from this, you can find these clothes in attractive colorful ranges such as yellow, grey, pink, green, red, and white. So, you can make a vivid choice for microfibers to clean your vehicle regularly.

To sum up

Hopefully, you have now deep insights into why microfiber cloth for car is the best and must-have choice for car lovers. At Softspun, you can get an extensive range of microfiber towels to meet your cleaning needs. We are the authorized suppliers of high-quality microfiber towels for automobile detailing. So, you can place an online order to get the stuff delivered to your doorsteps. You can get tested and superior-rated microfiber towels with good GSM ratings at competitive market prices.

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