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Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a surgical procedure involving transferring fat from your hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs to create more fullness in your backside or buttocks. Bbl can also give you a smaller waist if they take fat from your lower back or abdomen. The doctors extract the fat using liposuction. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which they suck the fat out using a small plastic tube cannula.

Liposuction itself requires making incisions in the skin and then using a cannula to get the fat out of the body. Stored fat removed or sucked out from your body is purified and then prepared to inject into your buttocks. Nowadays, laser liposuction is getting quite the popularity. It uses laser beams to melt or liquefy the fat before removing it.

Who can qualify as an ideal candidate for BBL?

Consult with your cosmetic surgeon before considering Brazilian but life or bbl surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will tell you if you are eligible to undergo surgery or not. They might give you the approval if you –

  • Are in generally good health
  • If you have enough fat in your body to transfer into your buttocks
  • Lost your natural butt shape due to age or fluctuations in weight
  • If you do not have a habit of smoking
  • If you can bear to avoid sleeping on your back for eight weeks or so after the surgery
  • If you haven’t had any recent complications or infections related to the surgery
  • If you can avoid sitting on your back for eight weeks after the surgery
  • If you lead a healthy lifestyle overall, which includes daily exercise.

What are the recovery instructions for a Brazilian butt lift?

It is essential to follow every doctor’s instructions for a faster recovery after the BBL surgery. If you don’t know what is bbl surgery, then it is a cosmetic surgical procedure that gives you fuller buttocks and butt shapes. Like any other surgical procedure, you need to take good care after a Brazilian butt lift.

  • After surgery, it is customary to expect bruising and swelling in the areas where they remove the fat. It may be hard to move around after the surgery, but you need to get up and walk around as it will help with the overall recovery process.
  • Sleep on the side of your stomach. You have to sleep on your stomach or the side for eight weeks after the surgery.
  • Avoid sitting. It is essential not to sit on your buttocks for eight weeks after the bbl surgery.
  • Your compression garment. You have you wear a compression garment on the areas where the liposuction is done for eight weeks after the surgery. It helps with the process of healing.


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