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According to Miami shores orthodontics, there are several teeth whitening options available. Among them, three are the major ones.

In-office whitening

Significant change of color in a short period is a significant benefit of in-office whitening treatment. An orthodontist in Hialeah explains that teeth whitening involves carefully controlled use of a relatively high concentration of peroxide gel. So, dentists apply it to the teeth of a trained and experienced dentist. Generally, the peroxide stays on the teeth for several 15 to 20-minute intervals that add up to an hour. So, those who have particularly stubborn staining may require additional bleaching or whitening sessions.

Over-the-counter whitening products

It is the most cost-effective and convenient teeth whitening option. Over-the-counter bleaching entails using a store-bought whitening kit that contains a bleaching gel with a lesser concentration than professional-dispensed take-home whiteners. Miami beach teeth whitening dentists use One-size-fits-all trays, strips, or paint-on applicators to apply the gel to the teeth. In many cases, over-the-counter products may only whiten a few of the front teeth, unlike the custom- trays that whiten the entire smile.

Professionally dispensed take-home kits

Many Miami orthodontist may agree that the professionally dispensed take-home kits can produce the best results over the long haul. Take-home kits to incorporate an easy-to-use lower concentration peroxide whitening gel that stays on your teeth for an hour or even longer. Sometimes maybe overnight. The lesser the peroxide concentration, the longer it can stay on the teeth safely. So,  the custom-made teeth whitening trays that look like mouth guards that you can use to apply the gel to the teeth.

Can you tell us about teeth whitening treatment’s risks and side effects?

Like any other procedure, teeth whitening also has risks and side effects. According to teeth whitening Miami fl, you should be aware of certain risks and complications associated with bleaching.

Gum Irritation

Many people who use peroxide whiteners experience discomfort and gum irritation resulting from the contact with the trays or bleach concentration. So, Such irritation typically lasts several days, dissipating after bleaching has stopped or the peroxide concentration lowered.


Bleaching or teeth whitening can cause a temporary increase in sensitivity to pressure, temperature, and touch. It is most likely to occur during the in-office whitening procedure. They use a higher concentration of bleach to whiten the teeth. Whitening sensitivity usually lasts a day or two, but it might last up to a month in extreme situations. For sensitive teeth, some dentists recommend potassium nitrate toothpaste.

Technicolor teeth

Bleach does not affect the restorations such as dental crowns, bonding, or veneers. Therefore, they maintain their default or original color while the other teeth get whitened. It results in technicolor teeth. This treatment will not work as effectively if you have veneers, bondings, or crowns.


We hope the above-given information helps you learn more about the teeth whitening procedure. The above article tells some valuable and beneficial factors about teeth whitening treatment. So, if you have any problems or issues regarding teeth whitening, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ivanovortho.com.

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