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Braces are the best solution to dental issues if you want a perfect smile. They can solve minor to major dental problems, including crowded teeth, bite issues, misalignment, or teeth overlapping.

People unhappy with their appearance can start their braces treatment and improve their smile. With unhealthy teeth or bite problems, people usually try to hide their smiles. To get the confidence to smile boldly and confidently, braces are an excellent solution to improve your dental issues. Suppose you are looking forward to having braces. In that case, contact dentists open on Saturday near me that specialise in orthodontic treatments like braces.

With the help of the wire and brackets, braces can align and straighten teeth into their correct position. Teeth straightening also promotes good dental health.


Here are some of the questions to ask your dentist when visiting them:


1.    How Long Do You Need To Wear Braces?

Braces are used to fix severely crowded teeth or misalignment. The duration may depend on the severe your teeth are crowded or bite problems are. Usually, the period may range from six months to 1.5 years.


2.    Are Braces Painful?

You may feel awkward or slightly unpleasing for several days after getting braces. The first week will cause discomfort, but you will feel good once you get used to braces, and it won’t be as severe as when you first got them.


3.    How Frequently To Visit The Orthodontist For Checkups?

Typically, every six to eight weeks, your Houston dentist will tell you how many times you must visit the office.

4.    Is Invisalign As Effective As Braces? Does It Take More Time?

When patients wear transparent aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours daily, Invisalign is as effective as braces. It will take longer if you wear them for less than 22 hours. Therefore, in some cases, braces work better than Invisalign. Talk to a 24-hour emergency dentist to know which will work best for your cause.


5.    What Foods Are Not Okay To Eat With Braces?

Eating sticky or hard foods may damage your braces brackets and even hurt your gums, so it is better to avoid them. Avoid caramel and hard candy and very crispy or crunchy foods. Talk to your Orthodontist in Houston about which food to eat and avoid.

This food can hurt the braces and wires, causing repair appointments and taking more time in the treatment.


6.    Do You Need A Retainer After The Braces Get Off?

Yes! It is necessary to wear a retainer after the braces, or your teeth may shift back where they were before.


7.    How To Handle A Mouthguard When Wearing Braces?

There are mouthguards available over the counter that are made expressly for braces. Ask your orthodontist which customised mouthguard is best for you.


8.    What Makes The Treatment Last Longer?

Your therapy will take longer if you frequently break your braces or do not wear your rubber bands as directed by your dentist.

Moreover, repeatedly cancelling or rescheduling visits, especially at the last minute, can extend the treatment time.


In Conclusion:

Braces are a good solution for dental problems. If you want a beautiful straight smile, contact orthodontists near me and discuss your dental issues. BOOK an appointment now!

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