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You don’t have to be a member of British royalty to look sharp with the gentleman’s haircut. It’s one of the most iconic looks in men’s fashion, and it can be achieved at nearly any barbershop or salon with a few easy steps. If you are interested in looking more debonair and dapper than you ever have before, check out this guide on how to achieve the perfect gentleman’s haircut!

Why you should opt for this hairstyle

The gentleman’s haircut is ideal for someone who wants a hairstyle that’s simple, stylish and unique. Because it has been through two major decades already, there are plenty of variations to go around. What sets it apart from other styles is its simplicity, as it only requires trimming and fading—which gives you plenty of flexibility in choosing your own style. Depending on where you get your haircut, you can opt for shorter bangs and a side or back part; or keep your bangs long while maintaining a high fade on top; just be sure to stick with these three techniques: layering, tapering and angling!

Should you let your barber choose?

Whether you’re looking to make a change or maintain your current look, your barber will likely suggest either a haircut or a shave. Both trimming and shaving are essentially clean-up sessions—trimming removes some length and any stray hairs, while shaving cuts as close to your scalp as possible. You’ll want to stay on top of things with both types of cuts since each grows out quickly. And if you want to keep it short all over, say for a fresh start or new season, then take advantage of both services and get what’s called a layered cut. A well-trimmed hairline gives off an air of confidence even without added length. Letting facial hair grow out?

Trimming vs. Shaving

These two terms are often used interchangeably in many barbershops, but they are really very different. In a nutshell, trimming is simply cutting off split ends and little bits of hair that stick out here and there; while shaving is clipping down to your scalp. If you need a good explanation of how these differ, check out our guide on gentleman’s haircut in today’s modern world.

Types of scissors used by barbers

There are two types of scissors used by barbers; shears and straight razors. Scissors come in many different sizes, shapes, and sharpness. Depending on how big your barber shop is will depend on what kind of scissors they have. If it’s a bigger barber shop then they have a better chance of having some better quality scissors. They also may have electric clippers that they use to trim your hair so you don’t need to pay as much money for someone to cut your hair with traditional cutting methods. These clippers can sometimes be noisy but it makes things easier if you want a haircut fast because you wouldn’t need to wait while someone cuts your hair traditionally by hand.

Types of razor blades used by barbers

There are several different types of razor blades used by barbers around today. The most common razor blade style is single edge razor blades, these come in many brands such as Derby, Feather, and Gillette just to name a few. There are also double edge safety razor blades (DE), these are very popular with wet shavers around today for their long lasting edge and smoothness when shaving. Straight razors, on other hand, have seen a large increase in popularity over recent years due to their ability to give you incredibly close shave without leaving bumps or ingrown hairs. There are two main styles of straight razors; straight barber razors and surgical or cut-throat razors.

How often should I get my haircut?

Of course, there are no set rules on how often you should get your haircut; everyone’s hair grows at different rates and it varies depending on length. However, by going to a barber or hairstylist every 4-6 weeks you will achieve that ideal look of having the right amount of length and only needing to get a haircut twice per year. If you have long hair then 8 weeks is plenty of time between cuts, while if you have shorter hair 5-6 weeks is ideal. Just remember: it doesn’t matter what any celebrity does as they tend to go in for expensive haircuts at exclusive salons which aren’t available to most people.

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