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When back pain strikes, all you can think about is getting rid of that pain. Back is common and can happen due to many reasons. Back pain can go from severe to mild, lasting a few weeks, but some can last longer. If you are suffering from severe back pain and want immediate relief visit your back pain relief center and consult your dentist about the pain you are experiencing.

Your doctor will define the type of back pain for you and the effective treatment options to treat your back.

What are the types of back pain?

There are mainly two types of back pain: chronic and acute. The difference between the pain is how long the pain lasts and can occur anywhere in the body.

Acute back pain

Acute pain is a sudden pain that lasts for less than six weeks. A sudden fall or gym training pain is acute and generally recovers on its own. You can take medications or cure them at home with ice packs or heating pads. Lower back pain heals within a week or weeks and is called acute back pain.

Chronic back pain

The chronic back can be severe and last longer than six weeks. The pain can slowly turn to be worse and can increase. You may need a back pain doctor to heal the pain. Your doctor will recommend pain medication and a heating pad to relieve the pain. Chronic back pain needs treatment to recover, or it may get worse. Visit the back pain center and consult your doctor about your back pain.

How to treat chronic back pain?

Chronic pain usually is short-term and long-term. The pain lasts for a short time and needs short-term treatments. Short-term pain is temporary, and you can treat the pain with medications and heating pads. But the pain may return after some time. Therefore, long-term back pain will last longer and need treatment to heal it completely.

Short-term back pain treatments

Short-term back pain management treats quick back pain comfort. The back pain treatment will aid the pain under control to release your back pain, and you can stay active. Short-term treatment methods to treat back pain at home remedies and treatments, including

Heat and cold treatment

Heat treatment and cold pad treatment can help you ease back comfort. Heat therapy uses warm hot water or heating pads to comfort the pain. Therefore, the cold treatment uses ice or cold water to treat back pain. If heating pads are not working well for your pain, you should try cold water treatment. Heat pads sometimes heal your back pain.

If your pain is new, you can use a cold pad treatment to treat the swelling and inflammation in your back. The cold pad treatment will help ease the pain.

For chronic pain that lasts longer than 6 weeks, heating pads can be a pain relief treatment that will soothe the pain and help in healing.

Massage therapy to relieve back pain

You can also call a back pain doctor at woodland park therapeutic for a massage in your back, which may help you relieve the pain.

In Conclusion:

You can use OTC pain relievers to treat your back pain, and if the back pain is longer than expected, you may need a back pain specialist to get relief. Book an appointment now to get relief from back pain.

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