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Braces are an effective solution for correcting most overbite problems. X-rays are used in the assessment stage to help identify the kind of overbite and the alignment of the teeth and jaw. Afterward, you fit the upper and lower dental arches with overbite braces. The teeth are first straightened and aligned by the archwire. Elastics may be utilized in the second braces stage to move the jawline into the proper position gradually.

A kids orthodontist near me will attach the bands to the brackets from the front to back or top to bottom. It is to help move the teeth and jaw. Before eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth, you may take off or replace the bands. You must constantly wear the bands to apply consistent pressure. The teeth and jaw may hurt more frequently if worn and taken off often.

Wearing a retainer or using a permanent wire to keep the teeth in the proper position is the final step in treatment. Some patients can choose to correct their overbite using ceramic or lingual braces or Invisalign aligners, which are more discreet solutions.

How long does braces treatment take to fix an overbite?

A deep overbite is an orthodontic problem that takes the longest to correct with braces. The overbite is frequently not the only issue. There are several issues to address because the patient often has overcrowding or misaligned teeth. Although every situation is unique, severe overbite cases may require braces for at least two years. You can see the changes in overbite before and after braces. They use retainers to keep the teeth in place after removing braces.

Can you fix an overbite only with the help of braces?

For certain adults with significant skeletal overbites and jaw issues, surgery is necessary to realign the jaw in addition to braces. In addition to surgery or teeth extractions, they must use braces. For extractions, an orthodontist recommends patients to a dentist or oral surgeon. Growing jaws let children and teenagers adjust their jaws into the proper position with braces, decreasing the likelihood of surgery.

To accommodate crowded teeth in children’s small jaws, a braces dentist near me may take the help of a palatal expander to increase the jaw size in the early treatment of children.

What kind of braces are most effective in correcting an overbite?

Dentists consider traditional braces the gold treatment standard for severe overbites and overjets. They can also fix a misaligned jaw or crowded, crooked teeth. Metal or ceramic are the materials used to make these braces. You can see the apparent changes in overbite before and after wearing braces. They are wire-connected and fastened to each tooth, straightening and aligning the mouth’s top and bottom rows of misaligned teeth.

Dentists place Coils, springs, and bands after the alignment of teeth. They assist in shifting and realigning the jaw. You may typically wear these traditional braces for one to three years, which are not detachable at home. Your orthodontist will tighten and adjust your braces every month.


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