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Does your lower jaw appear to bulge ahead from your upper jaw? Is this making your smile look clumsy? Then the situation might be shameful for the one that might make you hesitant to smile and feel uncomfortable continuously. No need to worry about that because an adult orthodontics Miami helps you in correcting the underbite problem or issues.

Read on the entire to know more about adult underbite!

What do you mean by an adult underbite?

An adult underbite is a problem of misalignment or malocclusion of teeth that usually appear in adults. The bottom jaw bulges out ahead and overlaps the teeth of the upper jaw. This would fluctuate in various situations from moderate to critical, as it depends on how the upper teeth overlap the lower teeths.

What are the causes of an adult underbite?

The orthodontists near me state that an underbite in adults is generally continuous from childhood skewness and is present from birth. Another reason for the underbite is hereditary, but also some of the other factors like longer oral habits such as pacifier or thumb sucking which you might be accused of.

What types of difficulties do you face with an underbite?

The adult underbite might lead to discomfort in functional and social issues like –

  • If you have a serious underbite then it would lead to TMJ (temporomandibular) pain as your teeth do not form in the same occlusal form.
  • Underbite problems would be problematic for you while speaking.
  • The problem of underbite would not assist you with self-confidence, as it is not aesthetically pleasing in social gatherings.
  • There is a huge risk of developing gum disease and dental decay.
  • Underbite would make your teeth appear unappealing and unaligned, as your lower teeth cover the upper one entirely.
  • Improper teeth settlement would lead to eating and chewing problems.

Would braces fix an adult underbite?

Braces are the most effective and popular treatment solution to fix underbite. The dental clinics serve the Invisalign ceramic, clear or invisible braces. All these options are there to cure your underbite for a few months or years, as it depends on the seriousness of your underbite.

How do your braces work in case of underbite?

To treat the underbite situation this might take the slow repositioning of your lower jaw. However, the resting situation of your top and bottom jaw is resolute but how your teeth are related. Hence, the underbite braces would be corrected through the situation of your teeth. The process of this would follow the 3 simple steps-

  1. Teeth repositioning
  2. Gentle force
  3. Keep your beautiful smile

What are the complications of an underbite treatment?

Listed below are the risk or complications for having treatment of underbite. They are as follows-

  • Infections and gum disease
  • Face shape would be altered
  • The problem is eating, chewing, breathing, and swallowing
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Lowers down your self-confidence
  • Pain

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