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Many of us are suffering from misaligned teeth, or with an overbite problem and looking for the best orthodontist open on weekends for a complete treatment of teeth with overbite braces. If you are having such problems then the chances of malocclusion increase. Further, the article will provide you with the complete details of overbite braces.

Meaning of overbite

Overbite is known as the vertical plane overlap between the top and bottom of the teeth.

When there is a small overbite it is essential to have a proper bite, and it should overlap too far; the top teeth are closing over and in front of the bottom teeth. If there is an overlap of 2-3 mm or more than this then it is termed as an excessive problem of overbite. Then this needs to be cured by a professional, licensed and experienced dentist and orthodontist.

Overbite – Causes

The causes of overbite are majorly because of hereditary factors, like the pattern and appearance of your jaw. Also, some other causes are overcrowding teeth or missing the teeth in your lower jaw.

Some habitual issues that occur in every childhood when the jaw is developing still causes overbite problems which include-

  • nail biting
  • thumb sucking
  • tongue thrusting
  • mouth breathing
  • pacifier use
  • long-term bottle use
  • chewing on objects, such as pencils.

Types of overbites

An overbite is of two types and they are-

  • Dental overbite

This is generated by the misalignment of the teeth and can be improved with orthodontic treatments performed by the local orthodontist.

  • Skeletal overbite

This is induced by variations in jaw development and may require surgery for a real fix.

Overbite creates several problems

Overbite leads to having many problems as identified by the best orthodontist near me and some of them are mentioned below-

  • Difficulty, discomfort, or pain when chewing
  • Worn tooth enamel and soft tissue damage
  • Speech impediments
  • Cavities and gum disease

Diagnosis of an Overbite Issue

Overbite is a problem which is easy to diagnose as compared with other dental processes. This involves a few steps to treat your problem and they are as follows-

Step 1: Standing in front of the mirror

Step 2: keep your teeth collectively and normally while preserving your jaw loosened. Avoid biting down hard or using power—now you need to check the original position of your teeth.

Step 3: Smile to show your teeth and check for the following signs:

  • Whether your lower teeth are biting your upper teeth or touching the roof of it.
  • Is your upper teeth covering more than a half part of your lower front teeth?
  • Are your top front teeth affecting your bottom gum?

Further, if you still doubt this process then you need to check photographs of overbite before and after braces by visiting our website.


Dental conditions are very common and one of them is an overbite, which may vary from mild to severe. And the most common treatment for this is the traditional braces. If any minor or medium overbites may be improved with an aligner, such as the Invisalign braces.

Further, choose orthodontics for adults near me which is best in providing effective treatment of overbite dental problems.

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