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Keeping baby’s hands warm at night can be difficult, especially when they are sleeping in a crib or on the floor and not snuggled next to you under the covers. So many new parents struggle with this problem, and there are some simple solutions to try out that can keep baby hands warm at night without the need for bulky mittens or covering up their arms with too many blankets. Here are seven ways to keep baby hands warm at night.

Wear Mittens

1) Wear Mittens

A common misconception about keeping a baby hands warm at night is that you have to keep them covered up. However, it’s important that your baby be able to move their hands freely as they sleep because they use their fingers and limbs while they dream. Babies also tend to kick off covers, so it’s best to choose something loose enough that it can be easily pushed aside when necessary. Before putting your baby down for a nap or before bedtime, give her some mittens or socks with rubber grips on them. These kinds of mittens are perfect for keeping little baby hands safe but not overly warm and cozy!

2) Place Tissues Around The Crib

Placing a few tissues on either side of your baby hands helps create a mini-blanket and makes them feel like they’re in warm cocoon. Just remember to remove them before laying baby down for a nap or bedtime, as you don’t want them inhaling any of that tissue paper! In addition, make sure that you place an extra blanket over top so it covers your little one’s hands too. The layers really do help keep baby hands warm and cozy. Also consider placing two pairs of socks over those tiny little feet!

3) Snuggle Babies in Blankets

When your baby is younger, they love being tucked in blankets while sleeping. This doesn’t just help them feel snug and secure, but also it encourages a healthy night’s sleep, as babies do not like being too cold or too hot. Blankets also provide extra warmth, so if you are worried about whether or not your little one will be warm enough while sleeping, add some extra blankets to their bedding setup. They should still be able to move freely—after all, it’s hard for a baby to move in a tight cocoon!

4) Use Hand Warmers

Unlike with adults, our hands are more prone to getting cold because we use them so much and they spend a lot of time out in front of us. So it’s important for babies to have a way to keep their little baby hands warm, especially if they don’t have gloves or mittens. Thankfully, you can always give your baby a pair of inexpensive hand warmers and they should be perfectly fine all night long. Simply tuck one into each sleeve, and then put another one on top. They’ll do an excellent job at helping your baby stay comfortable all night long.

5) Use Silk Pajamas

Keeping baby warm and snuggly at night is a top priority for new parents. One of the best ways to do so is by using silk pajamas. Silk has natural thermal properties, which means it helps keep your baby’s temperature regulated even when he or she kicks off those covers. Additionally, silk also provides a soothing feel and an elegant look that can help lull your little one into dreamland quicker than ever before. For parents seeking an all-natural product without harmful chemicals, purchasing silk pajamas might be just what you need! And with such a wide variety of styles and colors available from brands like Belly Button, you’re sure to find something perfect for your little guy or gal!

6) Warming Oils

Natural oils like almond, coconut, or olive oil will do a great job of providing your baby with a small heat source. Simply apply liberal amounts of these oils and spread them over your baby hands. I would recommend putting on gloves afterwards as some babies may scratch themselves in their sleep and end up creating sores or scabs. If you don’t have gloves, you can simply use a sock over your baby hand to create an additional layer.

7) Make Warmer Bed Sheets

Babies have smaller hands and feet than adults, so those little digits can easily get cold. To keep them warm, try making your own custom crib sheets. Cotton sheets are less expensive than specialty baby bedding and will do just fine for keeping your baby comfortable at night. You can even add a cute animal print or pattern to make it a special addition to his room. Whichever method you choose, simply slip hand-warmers into pockets on each side of the sheet for extra coziness throughout all hours of sleep. They’ll stay warm longer because they aren’t directly in contact with your child’s skin; that said, if your little one does wake up shivering (it happens), he’ll be glad for these DIY additions.

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